Announcing the NEW Online School!
For the last seventeen years, Amelia’s students have asked for ongoing training with a professional Animal Communication certification program and it’s FINALLY HERE!  Whether you have just discovered Animal Communication and want to learn how to have a deeper connection with the animals you love, or you want to study extensively to consider Animal Communication as a career path, The Language of Miracles Online Institute will offer just what you’re looking for!
“Amelia can revolutionize your thinking and ability to communicate with the other living beings around you.”
— Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, author of Love, Animals & Miracles

Are you ready for a miracle?
Gain a better understanding of the animals you LOVE
Have you ever wondered what your animal was thinking as it looked up at you with shining eyes? Amelia will teach YOU to understand your animal's thoughts.  
Find a new spiritual ANCHOR 
Learn to find your internal “Still-point” so that an ocean of peace, harmony, and Divine Order are available to you everyday no matter what challenges you face.
Understand your Animal's Thoughts
Learn at your own pace in the privacy of your own home
This is an opportunity to discover what your animal wants, needs, feels, and REALLY thinks. Amelia has also created prayers and meditations designed to nourish your soul and heal your life.

I came out of Amelia Kinkade's workshop totally exhilarated. Amelia nurtured my own gift of insight with the animals and lovingly empowered me to have the courage to own it. The goddesses of animals, humans, and all living things appear to walk with her.

- Nadia Sutton, Founder of PAWS LA
12 Month Program
Explore a new world with a Like-Minded Community
Amelia will take you on a magical journey every week where you will discover new ways to connect with your own sacred spirit, cultivate your intuition, and ignite your ability to communicate with other species. 
Consistency is KEY
Amelia will help you hone these skills every week in lessons and live webinars so that you can grow as a spiritual being and even learn to commune with animal friends. Amelia proves that telepathic ability is not a God-given gift, but a learned skill available to all of us.

Distill and develop your intuitive abilities as 
Amelia reveals the secrets of:
  • Clairvoyance: (Clear-seeing) The ability to exchange mental pictures & even "film-clips" (moving sequences of events) to & from the mind of your animal friends.
  • Clairsentience: (Clear-feeling) The ability to send and receive emotion to and from your animal friends.
  • Clairaudience: (Clear-hearing) The ability to hear telepathic information in whatever language you speak.
  • X-ray Vision: (Medical Gestalt) The ability to use your body as an instrument to determine if and where your animals are in pain.
  • Starlight Vision: (Mediumship) The ability to send & receive messages from beloved animal friends on the "Other Side."
  • Photo Talk: (Remote viewing) How to connect to distant animals using nothing but a photograph of the animal.
"Amelia has a huge amount of knowledge on animal communication, and she knows how to teach. I have learned such a lot from this course and now I am much more confident in communicating naturally and freely with a variety of species. The course has opened me up and I feel much more at ease with and in myself. Throughout the course, I could track my progression in communicating with animals and it was the simple, subtle communications which made the difference. This is an exercise in learning to trust yourself in being able to accept what you receive. The structured approach is innovative: it allows people to be reassured that the discipline of following along each week is cleverly coupled with the notion that the world out there is not the way humans see it: nature's conversation is not the same as ours, we don't know everything, we are not the smartest, and that nature is waiting to teach us. This notion that we are not the prime apes after all is reassuring and humbling. Remember to be humble. This is what animals are looking for, so away with your ego, strip it away, and reacquaint yourself with the "gift" you were born with by tuning in every week to Amelia's webinar on animal communication."

The inspirational lessons will dive into the following revolutionary topics:
Why animals are already masters at intuitive and inter-species communication

Why human intuitive ability has been suppressed and repressed by modern culture

Proof that the ability to talk to animals is not a gift possessed by a few special people

Transforming intuition from an unconscious and uncontrolled act to a well-honed skill

Practical applications such as quality of life issues surrounding animal companions

Ways to enhance training, improve animal relationships, and solve behavioral problems

New insights into how animals mirror your hidden emotional problems
New methods in healing yourself so that your animals do not share your conscious or unconscious problems 
Restoration of right relations between humans and other species without negative mirroring

How your sacred love for animals can actually heal YOU.

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